Richard Thompson 
Discussion List FAQ

Welcome to the Richard Thompson Discussion List "Frequently Asked Questions" (FAQ).

This FAQ has six parts: Richard Thompson, the Musicians, Song Histories, the Recordings, where to find More Information, and How to use the RTLIST. Select the item you are interested in, then pick from the questions at the top of the page.

The writing of this FAQ was done on a completely volunteer basis. The information contained in this file is accurate to the best of our knowledge at the time of this writing, but no guarantee is implied or intended. The list maintainer, the author, and other contributors to this document are not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this FAQ. 

The FAQ was originally written by Charlie A. Jamison. The fourth edition of the RT list FAQ of November 1998 was by Chris Woods under Charlie’s editorial gaze. After discussing the FAQ with Chris, Willis Howard has added the FAQ to the RTLIST web site in January 2002.

Please bring any inaccuracies to the attention of Willis Howard

It is my sincere hope that list members, as well as other members of the Internet community, will find this a useful document.

Keep listening to RT!  :-)
      --CAJ -- CW --WEH